The way in which we live our lives and weave our intention with our hands into everything we do is a large piece of motivation for me. I was surrounded by strong women in my family with a lot of hard work ethic and dedication to craft in their spare time. I fell in love with textiles and sewing, when I watched my grandmother and aunties piece together beautiful quilts for family and friends. I have taken to the the art of weaving on many levels whether it be on a loom, a spinning wheel, a sewing machine or weaving beads by hand these days. My hands are busy working in the ways of which I am inspired, by folk arts, ancestral skills as well as design. I work actively as an interior designer and creatress in my community working on commercial/residential locations and designing jewelry and other wearable art pieces. I have been trying to share as much as I can about what I am learning and inspired by in the moment as a teacher. Playing with my dogs, getting my hands dirty with my plants, cooking for others and sharing conversation over meals, creating things that challenge my heart and brain to work together and learning to move my body and care for it in natural ways are my personal favorites. Currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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